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Music is magic, and magic is exciting. Kids, grown-ups, babies and even animals THRIVE with music. New research from Science Daily suggest that music decreases perceived pain for kids in pediatric ER. Isn’t that wonderful! The most harrowing times of parenthood for me, are the times when my daughters are in pain and I would do anything to make it stop. Now we know that music helps!

When I was young, my parents got divorced and it was awful. Music got me through it. The Beatles, my old LPs and sitting at the piano helped me play my way through those hard years. As a grown-up, when I feel down, 15 or 20 minutes at the piano can cure me faster that anything else. It’s just so magical! All those lovely black and white notes you can touch and push and caress (or bang on!) to change the energy, alchemy. MAGIC.

Have you ever walked up to a child and just started singing to them out of the blue? Want to see magic? Try it and you will feel the wonder in their eyes. Once, on a drive up the California Coast near the Hearst Castle in Cambria, I pulled over to the side of the road and saw cows as far as my eyes could see, all spread out on the hill grazing. I stood on my driver seat and popped my head out the window and started singing Paul Simon’s “loves me like a rock” at the top of my lungs. It was a music-human-bovine experiment. All the cows stopped what they were doing, looked at me and began to move toward me. They were compelled, magical entranced. Pretty soon they had formed a semi-cicle, an amphitheater of cows and continued to enjoy the song. Cars heading up to Big Sur were pulling over, people emerging out the doors, and taking pictures of the crazy girl singing out of her sun roof and the enchanted cows. I will never forget it.

So, I spread the magic my making music and videos for kids. I get many of my ideas from my daughters (now 7 and 9) and I feel my music grows as they do as I tackle blossoming subjects. It’s nice to win awards and have so many views on youtube, but the best thing is getting notes from children and parents that tell me how I helped them learn, or picked them up when they were feeling blue. This summer I’ve connected with a little boy across the country who is vision impaired. Here is a note from his mom:

Hello Deborah,

Thank you so much for the cd! It came at a critical time and really saved
the day as Declan had started his next round of chemo. (he lost his vision because of a brain tumor) We
got home Monday and your gift was waiting for him. He’s been a little sad
lately (mostly happy, but upset about needing to be a regular at the Jimmy
Fund Clinic again). So, Monday we listened to your cd so much that he knew
“I Like Pigs” and “Coconut Candy” by heart. Tuesday, his first day of
chemo, we got stuck in traffic and listened to your cd for two and a half
hours! He was singing the songs all day, to the point that the music
therapists have asked me to bring in the cd next week so they can play

Declan made you and the ladies some bracelets that I will put in the mail

Thank you thank you thank you,

Thanks for visiting DidiPop and please sing and dance with your kids as much as possible for they go off to college. They will never for get it. It’s MAGIC!