DidiPop Goes To Hawaii CD


This record was so fun to make and I know your family will love it before you go to Hawaii, while you are there, AND when you come back.

You can download it AND get the phyical CD – or just get the download for $10 – but it kids usually like the CD. It’s fun to look at the song names and the liner notes. “The Hawaiian Alphabet Song” has gone on to win best children’s song of the year from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. Most kids love Wowie Gazowie and Mango the best, and the Keiki Hula, and Kapalua Bay – well, I guess they like them all!

Hawaii Cd coverHistory of the CD: I love Hawaii and one of my first big trips as a kid was to Oahu, Hawaii. It was my first paid gig as I my flight was paid for along with my room and expenses! I was 13 and I was to lead camp songs for kids with my guitar at an over weight girls’ camp. Jodie Foster (she was involved with the school running the camp and needed to loose a few pounds before going off to make taxi driver) and I hung out with the other girls and I learned a lot about Hawaiian culture. As a grown-up, I returned again and again, married a man born in Honolulu, and finally with brought our girls. What a magical place for kids! Beautiful air and sea, sweet smells, yummy fruit and a musical language. I wanted to teach my girls more about Hawaii and especially play them music about the islands. Visiting, we spent so much time in the rental car, I longed for a good kid soundtrack to play along to the sights we were seeing and the experiences we were having. And so, “DidiPop Goes To Hawaii” was born. “The Hawaiian Alphabet Song” has gone on to win best children’s song of the year from the John Lennon Songwriting Contest. This CD is a must for families traveling to Hawaii – you’ll love it in the car! It’s also a great way to get ready for your trip – packing while singing about Mangos? Ono-licious! I hope you like it!

Mahalo ~DP

Here is the press release:


LOS ANGELES (Oct. 2) –Fast becoming one of L.A.’s hottest kids’ musicians, Deborah Poppink – aka DidiPop – invites families to join her on a vacation to Maui with the December 14 release of her new CD, DidiPop Goes to Hawaii (TreeTop Records, $14.99, for ages 2 – 8, run time 33 minutes). Allowing her own distinctive artistry to blossom in the gentle atmosphere of the tropical Hawaiian Islands, DidiPop encourages kids and their caregivers to joyfully dance, sing, laugh, and feel the “Aloha Spirit” while picking up some good information about the Hawaiian alphabet, mangos and the hula!

Co-produced by Deborah Poppink and prolific producer/musician Brad Jones (Jill Sobule, Josh Rouse) and recorded with a first-rate team of Nashville musicians, DidiPop Goes to Hawaii is a musical travelogue inspired by Deborah’s actual visits to the Aloha State with her own family. The album captures every subtle nuance of their Hawaiian adventures, from the excitement of the plane ride (“Wowie Gazowi”) to enjoying the lovely beaches (“Kapalua Bay”) to riding the steam train around Maui (“Sugar Cane Train”), to reading road signs and trying to pronounce the words (“The Hawaiian Alphabet Song”). “The Keiki Hula” perhaps best epitomizes the album’s spirit. Explains Deborah Poppink, “I wanted to write a beautiful, lush hula as I imagined singing and dancing my children to sleep under the Maui moon. This song, which was written on the beach at Napili Bay, features my daughters, bird calls, and a little bit of magic.”

All in all, DidiPop Goes to Hawaii captures and blends just the right balance of reflective, narrative, celebratory, rowdy, and peaceful moods. Each track offers a delightful contrast to the previous track, making outstanding use of instrumental color, with transparent textures and meticulous attention to detail. The music is sophisticated, smart, funny, sassy and real.

Deborah Poppink conceived DidiPop as a sound, a feeling, and a way of looking at life that reveals the magic of everyday adventures. As DidiPop, she seeks to inspire boundless creativity in children through the motto “Any Dream is Possible” and to foster an open and empowering parenting energy among caregivers. Says Deborah, “I love taking families on musical journeys where, together, we can discover the world.”

An award-winning songwriter, performer, and music teacher, Deborah Poppink’s resume includes more than 350 compositions, including several for such film and TV projects as The X-Files and the Jack and Jill show. With 28 stamps on her passport, Deborah has collected a treasure trove of unique experiences playing and teaching music in such exotic locales as Bali, Montreal, Laos, Turkey, Belize, Tahiti, Morocco and Malaysia, in addition to performances at L.A. clubs including The House of Blues and McCabe’s. She’s taught more than 10,000 piano lessons and performed more than 1,000 shows! Deborah’s “The Cool Alphabet Song” won a John Lennon Songwriting Contest Award (2009) and was licensed by a Dutch publisher to teach children English. Her “The Cool Alphabet Song” video has become one of the most popular children’s music videos on the Internet, receiving nearly FIVE million views on YouTube.


Wowie Gazowie, Coconut Candy, Kapalua Bay, Way Up High, Mango, The Hawaiian Alphabet Song, The Keiki Hula, Hop-a-loo, I Like Pigs, Sugar Cane Train, Isabella Is, Cowabunga, Going Home