How to be a good mom? Inspire yourself!

My goal is to live a rich, thoughtful, loving and creative life. In other words, to be and stay inspired. Do you overflow with love for your child? And at the same time do you NEED to nurture yourself and stay passionate about things beyond homework, shopping and diapers? I, personally, need to create music, teach, perform and inspire others. I want to be a more mindful, more content mom (and woman) and also share thoughts that might inspire you in the parenting, working woman and housewife arena. I think we can raise kids, live a passionate life and even save the world. The Dalai Lama, himself, at a Peace Summit in Vancouver in 2009, proclaimed: “The world will be saved by the Western Woman.”

I work at balance everyday… to balance the energy I give to my husband, family, friends, and to MYSELF…not to mention the house, the cooking, the bills, the pets and our school. I know you work hard everyday. I kn0w what it takes to keep a family thriving. I know we can have it all! Maybe not all at the same moment in time, but all in the same day.

The connection between child and mother is magical, powerful, intense and eternal. My girls pick up on my moods and feelings. They are psychic sponges. I felt my mom’s feelings and still do. I believe that to be conscious of these connections as we are mothering will help us be better parents and help us to raise children who can individuate and thrive. The beauty of this philosophy is that, the better we take care of OURSELVES, the more connected and aware mothers we become to our CHILDREN. Just like on the airplane, fasten your grown-up oxygen masks first, so that you can more effectively help your child.

I know that we as moms, can live the full life we have always dreamt of…. being creative, healthy and moms too! Really being ME will support my kids in a positive way. Really being YOU will inspire your child in deep and real ways. Living in tune with ourselves sets an example by showing, by doing. Actively honoring dreams, the inner world, the delicate balance of love, art and family and FUN is what it’s all about. Inspiration – to be filed with spirit – to live in animation – to truly live in the presence of the divine. Let’s go moms!

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