Everyday Adventures: CD for Kids

everyday cdThanks for coming to have a listen and look at my last CD “Everyday Adventures”. I created it to celebrate all the magic that happens in a family with young children. How lucky I was to have babies in my 40s and to be able to craft a piece of work that called on all my years of songwriting and recording AND my abundant love and gratitude for my family and my role as a mom.

Here is “The Cool Alphabet Song”, my first video, which happily went viral and reaches and teaches children all around the world:

Here is a song I wrote for Delilah when she was learning her days of the week. It’s a Bobby McFerrin acapella kind of track and I close all my shows with this one:

Maybe my favorite song on the album, “Dream”. I recorded it late one night in Nashville, my producer n the control room and my 7 month old Hannah, in the high chair next to the piano, making coo-ing sounds and playing with Cherrios. If you listen closely, you can hear her:

Here’s one that teaches kids what to eat when they have a tummy ache. The original track used the word “poo” but I later found out that many stores won’t carry kids’ cds with “explicit” lyrics. Here is the track that ended up on the CD and below the same song with the original racy lyrics that kids like soooooo much better ;)

rated G lyrics:

racy lyrics:

Teaching kids how to feed their pets, this Beach Boys-esque song won a song contest in Louisville kentucky over 10 years ago. It was also used on a high fashion, Italian kids clothes website. I open my shows with this one and get everyone making animal sounds:

And here’s a good dance song for kids with lots of toy percussion in the track, co written with my stepson colin (when he was 13 or so) and featured in Ladies’ Home Journal:

Please email me if you’d like a chance to hear the whole CD and if you like what I am doing, remember to vote for DidiPop’s “Everyday Adventures” come Grammy voting time. Thanks and be sure to get a free coloring page for your child here.

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