Musical Theater: BEST activity for kids.

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My daughters are now practicing their lines and songs for their play. They have so much perseverance and passion. So much energy to get it right, smiling and laughing and loosing their breath as the Grandma from Little Red Riding Hood and a junior tracker. They engage in such an active way – you know that feeling when you are doing your dharma and you lose track of time? Like that!  It helps that they have good content.

Summer camp (and after school too): musical theater that’s really fun and smart. Acting for my girls massages all their chakras (power centers) – action, creativity, emotions, LOVE, voice, dance movement, inspiration, social interaction, vocal projection, public speaking, reading. Musical theater is simply the BEST non-school activity that i’ve found for my daughters. The confidence they are developing is incredible.

I can’t recommend it enough!!!

Next week – it’s Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night

Look at this site if you want to get an idea of what they are up to.


Break a leg!