Bunny In The Moon

Here is my third CD and thought it functions as a lullaby sleep record, I wrote it as a winding down experiment. My daughter Delilah has always had a hard time falling asleep. Soft lullabies never worked, but singing uptempo songs that gradually slowed in tempo and energy did. This is truly my ost magical CD and as my producer say "overflows with love". No awards yet as it's brand new! Pre-order now.

The “Goodnight Moon of children’s music. Your child will look forward to turning out the light and listening as s/he falls asleep to this intimate collection of winding down songs.

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Welcome to the “Bunny In The Moon: bedtime songs for falling asleep” page. I am so excited,in a sleepy kind of way, about this new album of 14 original songs, designed to wind your child down to dream-land. You can pre-order the CD now and I will ship it out to you March 15th, when the delivery truck arrives. Digital album AVAILABLE NOW! (click below)

Early Reviews:

“BUNNY’s Act One moves children through the bedtime routines, and Act Two gently lifts listeners into bed, for a series of acoustic and classically-twinged tunes with influences of Bach, Chopin, and Mozart. The title track assures youngsters that their parents are always with them, even when they can’t see them. For instance, in the moon or the sky:

Honey I’m the twinkle in the stars
When you’re lonely, and want to hold me.
Just make a little wish and I’ll be right where you are.
Honey, I’m the twinkle in the stars. 

BUNNY IN THE MOON is the perfect anecdote to every post-dinner period when adults are two steps ahead of children (i.e., nearly asleep) and need to flip the script. The innocent question, “Want to hear some music?” now has a delightfully narcoleptic solution. And you never thought that was possible, did you?”

-Mr. Jeff 2000 Kids’ Music Blogger and co-creator of Ben’s List

This after listening to “Good Dreams Come True” a story/lullaby/mediation. “It’s beautiful. Lovely melody — really like the little extras in it, like that triplet and that little extra note in the verse 2nd phrases. Nice lyrics, wow. Really sweet and beautiful. Can’t wait to share this with the family when they get home. Congratulations and best wishes on your new album. This is stellar”

-David Tobocman (children’s musician and TV and film composer)

Producer Brad Jones reports that as he mixes Good Dreams Come True, he cries, “The first throat-lump comes when the singer is wishing for a friend and then the boy moves in next-door. From that moment on, I’m a wreck. Then it really ratchets up to full-blubber when they make their pancake plan.”
- Brad Jones (Nashvillle producer)

Buy CD and download the digital now. Play it for you child tonight!

Digital Only – Download Now

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    • didipop


      Thank you for this. I hope the kids are loving the music. DP


  • caroline


    very sweet! beautiful music! congratulations!
    chloe in the clouds…did you write that with John Lennon and PaulM. ?
    Lucy in the sky!
    bis, caroline


    • didipop


      Yes, John visited in a dream and suggested the idea. I think he likes it too! DP


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