BIOGRAPHY – starting from the beginning

Born in Savannah GA and traveled to L.A. for the summer of love with my hippie parents. Lived an alternative life-style. Went to school with Mama Cass’s daughter, met Henry Miller when I was 7. Started playing piano at 3, guitar and 9 and drums at 18, ukulele and bass came soon after. Taught piano in L.A. to stars and their kids after graduating from UC Berkeley in Social Science. Wrote songs and performed locally and worldwide, traveling to over 40 countries. Had my first music placement on the Weather Channel (love that radar report!). You can here the song here :

Soon after that one of my student’s mom’s used my song “The Wheel” in her Jack and Jill TV show (WB). Listen here:

“The Wheel” landed me my publishing contract with now BMG (Then BUG music) where my publisher and I struck up a close friendship.

More music placements on TV including “Hit Girl”

I married my publisher, created TreeTop Records and put out the album “Chasing Lunatics” by Deborah Poppink. Soon after, I got pregnant at 40 and again at 43- SUPER LUCKY!!! Time to make kids’ music so I could stay with my girls and write about the amazingness of childhood. I launched DidiPop in 2008 and the first video I put out went viral. Here is “The Cool Alphabet Song”:

More placements:

and “Ooh La La” (co-written with Amy Roegler) in the X-Files movie –  itunes

and “Let’s Make Santa Claus Happy Tonight” in the True Blood (HBO)

I won the grand prize in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest for “The Hawaiian Alphabet Song” (which was fun for all the stuff I won, but mostly because I am a GIGANTIC BEATLES FAN!). So happy to report that kids’ school concerts are singing this song in their educational concerts.

I took an animation class and have a lot of fun with my home animated movies. Here’s the first one I did…”Brush Brush”:

My first substantial cover came a few years ago when Os Caricas (Portuguese kids music artists) covered “The Cool Alphabet Song” as “O Alfabeto Divertido”

What’s next? I am writing and starting to put energy back into grown-up songs. I continue to write and create animation for DidiPop. It’s a fantastic creative space for me. But performing for grown-ups and writing about more mature themes is of great interest to me again. Let’s see what will come!





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