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I am a songwriter. I create children’s songs (funny and educational) and videos as well as write songs for grown-ups that are sassy, uplifting and provocative.

I am a mother to two girls (7 and 9) and two step-sons (25 and 21). I was lucky enough to get pregnant at 40 and 42 and had dreamed my whole life, of raising a healthy family with love, music and art. Before my BIG dream came true, I wrote for TV and film, was piano teacher to the stars here in Los Angeles, traveled the world with my guitar and had many adventures.

My first inspiration for getting into creating children’s music was so that I could continue being creative and writing songs/performing after my children were born. I didn’t wait my whole life to have kids (well, til my 40s) to tell them “bye bye” and go off on tour to clubs singing about lunatics. I’d always dreamed of being a member of The Von Trapp Family or the Partridge Family… so this was a good time to make that dream come true.

The second reason to make kids’ music is because I have always adored it. I was so very inspired by the early Disney music I heard, as well as all the great MGM musical songs, written by the greats. It made me dance and spin and think and dream. Diving in, I found that I could be deeply creative around it while teaching lessons with lyrics and pulling in my new experiences as a new parent.

Why is kids’ music important?

Children oftentimes get glimpses of who they want to be and what they want to do in the early years of life. Providing children with positive, fun and mindful experiences can create extremely strong and confident hearts and minds. There might be one singular moment that inspires your child at 4 1/2, that guides her throughout her entire life. What will that moment be? What was your moment?

Kids need MUSIC. Music is magic, medicine and miraculous. Children absorb music and it helps them make sense of the world around them – relationships, activities, feelings and concepts. “Kids’ Music” – music made for kids – is essential for kids 1-8 as it gives them rhythms and melodies, entertainment and education, while at the same time, speaks of things going on in their world: homework, pets, days of the week, science, coconuts, travel and tummy aches. It’s wholesome and true, pure and fun.

I hope that you will and can give your child music and art that inspires and teaches. I make music for my girls because it was my very best love as a child and it provided me with so much. I hope to share that love and present mindedness with you and your child…through song, rhythm and magic.

Now my adventures revolve around kids, creativity and music. Kids need safe and smart music that makes them smile, think, dance and sing. Children know good music when they hear it and I write everything with my very discerning daughters in mind. If they love it, I bring it out into the world to share with your children.

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About Me:
My name is Deborah Poppink and sometimes Deborah Poppink Hirshland, and mostly, “mom”. The name “DidiPop” comes from when I was a kid (“Debbie Poppins”) and because it’s fun to say and sing. The Beatles are my inspiration, and I was raised on pop radio from the 60s and 70s and musical theater. I started playing piano when I was 3, guitar at 9 and songwriting at 17. My mom says I sang the day I was born. I’ve always loved great music, a catchy chorus and interesting story.

When I graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a social science and music degree, I taught at Los Angeles Unifed School District. From there I began teaching music and became known as “Piano teacher to the Stars’ Kids”. At the same time, I wrote songs (placing them on TV shows) and played around L.A. with my 5 bands. Then I got married to my music publisher, we had kids and my lovely angel girls, Delilah and Hannah, came into my life. Teaching, opening doors and inspiring is what I hope to do for them and for your kids too. You can read more about me here.

Please listen to music, watch videos and sign up on the mailing list. Most importantly, say “yes” to your kids as much as you can. And buy them smart, fun and appropriate kids’ music…what a worthy and valuable investment!


What is DidiPop music?

girls trio

DidiPop is a sound, a feeling and a way of looking at life. Kids’ music creator Deborah Poppink believes that children need age appropriate songs that not only entertain but reveal the magic in everyday adventures. She hopes your family will use the songs as jumping off points for conversations, singalongs and even more creativity. The music is sophisticated, smart, sassy, funny and real. Deborah believes that love, health and creativity are the building blocks to a happy life and home. DidiPop hopes to inspire your kids with the motto, “Any Dream is Possible” and to foster an open and empowering parenting energy among you, the parents. Let her take your family on a musical journey and see what magic is waiting for you!

Who is Deborah Poppink?

pianohandsOnce, when Deborah Poppink was having tea with Henry Miller, he recommended that she “always tell the truth and always use real names,” advice she has generally followed, with the notable exception of creating a nom de tune for herself as the award-winning songwriter/performer, DidiPop. Growing up in Hollywood, surrounded by a highly artistic family, Deborah rubbed elbows with famous “creatives,” as well as palling around in school with the children of Mama Cass.

After earning a degree from UC Berkeley in Sociology and Music, Deborah jumped into teaching (and has taught over 10,000 piano lessons) and concurrently became known as a performer (doing over 1,000 shows). With 28 stamps on her passport, she has collected a treasure trove of unique experiences playing and teaching music in exotic locals like Bali, Montreal, Laos, Turkey, Belize, Tahiti, Morocco and Malaysia, in addition to performances in such L.A. clubs as The House of Blues and McCabe’s. With a catalog of over 300 works, she has contributed to many LA based projects including the Jack and Jill TV show and The X-Files (both TV and film). A 2009 trip to Maui with her music publisher husband and daughters Delilah and Hannah provided the inspiration and ambiance for most of the songs that appear on Deborah’s new family CD, DidiPop Goes to Hawaii. Currently, Deborah is busily writing songs for her next family music CD.

Who plays in the DidiPop Band?

The BandBrad Jones (Josh Rouse, Jill Sobule) is the brilliant musician/producer/engineer who co-produces DidiPop with Deborah in Nashville and Los Angeles. He also plays keyboards, bass, guitar and percussion. The other amazingly talented and hilarious musicians are: from New Harmony Indiana, drummer and percussionist Mickey Grimm (Over The Rhine and holder of world record for longest drum roll), from Nashville Tennessee and playing almost everything (ukulele, banjo, guitar, vibes, bass, and keyboards), Daniel Tashian (The Bees and The Silver Seas). And, from Schenectady, NY Jim Hoke (NRBQ, Bonnie Raitt, REM) on bass harmonica, guitars, pedal steel, bass, chromatic autoharp and bass sax and flute.

Who are the children that sing with DidiPop?
Hannah and Delilah and bukieDeborah’s daughters (Hannah 7 and Delilah 9) are highly involved in the writing and recording of all the DidiPop music. The family continuously singswhile driving around town, taking baths and cooking dinner. On the Hawaii record, Eric Herman and his girls (Evee (7)and Becca(5)) are among the guest artists.

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