Once in a while I ask my self, “Did I pop????”. I never am sure about the answer. Sometimes I think I DID pop and other times I imagine I’m still working toward it. Did you pop yet? Or have you popped before?

Thanks for visiting TreeTop Records home of DebPop Music, DidiPop Kids and PoppinkSongs. I am a songwriter, a musician and a performer who lives in Los Angeles. I write songs that come from… well i don’t know where they come from. But writing makes me feel good, centered and alive. My intention is to help you feel that way too. Scroll to the bottom of this page for more about my biography.

To clear up some confusion, my name is Deborah Poppink. I sometimes call my and my music brand DebPop as it’s short and to the point. I created a kids’ music project while I was in the thick of raising my children. That’s called DidiPop. I am also known as Deborah Hirshland (my married name) as well as Mom, Honey and Ms. Poppink (my teaching name). I’ve had various bands: Deborah De Roo and Strange Behavior, Cafe Samba, Funky Reggae as well as Deborah Poppink and POP INC.

DebPop is where you’ll find will find my GROWN-UP music. Much of it is appropriate for kids, some of it is not, as I can deal with mature subjects. All videos are combined at YOUTUBE.  Buy Deborah Poppink music on iTUNES.


DidiPop is where you will find many fun kids and family songs as well as animated videos on DidiPop – YOUTUBE.

Buy DidiPop music at CDBaby CDBABY. and on iTUNES for downloads.


If you are interested in licensing music for a project, please visit my contact page to learn more.

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